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Bangladesh’s Environmental Issues- Facts & Figures - Dynamic Pyrolysis

April 24, 2020by Dynamic Pyrolysis0

Global warming invited climate changes that make South Asia an expanded and badly vulnerable region. Covered a total of 1,47, 570 sq. km of South Asia, Bangladesh geographies flood landscape with many rivers that flow throughout the country. Bangladesh’s environmental issues, therefore, claim a great concern in this connection.

Ecological pollution is an old civilizational issue by itself that becomes the major concern for the last few decades due to the vast industrial revolution. On the off chance that it is a by-product of the industrialized countries which badly affect the developing nations, like Bangladesh.

Bangladesh- from the last few years, faces Rohingya issues, now climate changes create different and overwhelming migration difficulties. Many people facing a terrible selection among abused coastline and the municipal shantytown. Here, people always cope up with the worst situation and they know how to do it.

The plain landscape of Bangladesh is the key source of fisheries, land, forest, and wildlife for its population. The nation at present faces great conservational issues for the reason for climate change globally. The problems include cyclone, advanced flood, water & sanitation, groundwater metallic uncleanness, and many more. In addition to that air pollution, fossil fuel utilization, industrial discharge, for instance, also makes a great negative value in this regard.


Bangladesh’s Environmental Issues

Whenever we talk about environmental issues, it naturally turns into the term of ecological pollution. Ecological contamination nowadays becomes the number one opponent of the people, especially those who live in Bangladesh. Yet, we got some tremendous features that make our lives easier than ever due to the industrial revolution, however, it also creates a vastly negative impact that makes our lives risky.


  • Air Pollution

It causes the biggest health problem for Bangladeshi people. It induces by the great increases of motorization and unblinkingly rising of population. Internal air pollution mainly associated with using bio frame fuels throughout food preparation with unfortunate exposure to the air system.

On the other hand, industrial and motorize gas emissions play a vital role in outside air pollution. Relatively, burning fossil fuel, coal, petroleum, for example, that are associated with black smoke makes the air most polluted that causes harm to the human body.

  • Industrial Release

There are, in Bangladesh, many industries, garments manufacturer, agricultural industries, tanneries, textiles, pharmaceuticals, refineries, etc. also cause air pollution very frequently. The burns productions all through these industrial sectors are the major funder to air contamination in Bangladesh. Among all, the food industry, cement & clay industry, pulp & paper industry, textile, and the tobacco industry treated as the most air pollution giver in Bangladesh.

  • Industrial Left-over & Overflow

Industrialization is definitely for human well-being. However, if it becomes unwell monitoring and insufficient management, especially in leftovers, then it causes harm. Our manufacturing waste and it’s overflows causing great pollution due to its mismanagement.

Most of the manufacturer doesn’t have proper left-over managing system that meets the regulator’s requirement. All the heavy industrial areas, Chittagong, Khulna, Bogra, for instance, including the capital city Dhaka now seriously suffering by the industrial overflows.

  • Groundwater Metallic Contamination

Groundwater is the main source of our daily using purposes. It has been proved that near about 97% of the total population of Bangladesh using groundwater for their regular activities including drinking. But, metallic- which mainly known as arsenic, yet it also contains another ingredient- contamination in groundwater origins severe conservational difficulties in Bangladesh.

Some places in Bangladesh, especially in the Southern region there is almost 70 times higher arsenic level per liter as it should be. Whereas, 0.05mg/liter is the standard level of arsenic for drinking water. Moreover, around 82 million people in Bangladesh at danger of arsenic pollution.

  • Water Pollution

This is another topmost concern that comes in mind while talking about Bangladesh’s environmental issues. On the off chance that we, Bangladeshis are severely suffering from the mass water pollution for the last several years. Water pollution creates great health threats.

There is much reason for water pollution, toxic industrial waste, municipal dumping, hospitals “end-of-life” materials, and so on. Regardless of the reasons, it undoubtedly the most dangerous health threat for humans.

  • Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is another brain-child of global warming that caused climate change. The key sources of noise pollution are motor vehicles, industries, construction works, playing loudspeakers, etc. Whatever the reason noise pollution also causes great human-health-hazards.

  • Advanced Flood

Flood is a very common phenomenon in Bangladesh, but for the last few years, it sufferings from the advanced flood that caused tons of crop damage. Truly speaking, this is the most concerning area for that cause by the global heating related climate changes. In reality, floods treated as one of the key problems to advance the national economy.

Flood effect on the agronomic growth which ultimately affects the food safety of the total population. Due to almost over 70% of the total land is cultivated and a big portion of these areas flooded. Therefore, most of the areas being uncultivated. Resulting it creates more poverty issues. Yet, regulators of Bangladesh invested a lot to prevent the flood.

  • Cyclone

Bangladesh is located at the Bay of Bengal region that is also very well-known for stormy situations, yet also with very fertile land. Therefore, the costal areas are cyclone-prone. Every year cyclone destroys plenty of assets which also includes residential houses and other property. Sometimes, even it caused the deadliest massacre.

As an example, in the year of 1970, a cyclone hit in the coastal areas of Bangladesh that killed almost 3,00000 and over $85 million of property damage. Cyclones can cause tidal flows- like, tsunami,  that have a further bad effect on the people who live in the seaside areas.

Considering Bangladesh’s environmental issues- facts & figures, Dynamic Pyrolysis initiated some activities that help to lessen the ecological problems by producing Green oil as green energy. Relatively, it ensures a sustainable and conservation-friendly working place- that will help to build a better Bangladesh.

Want to know more? Call us, or, email us. Even, you can take a tour of our office, anytime.

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Dynamic Pyrolysis Ind.(pvt.) Ltd.Head Office
Rupayan Shelford Tower, Level -11, Suite F -10, Block-B, 23/6, Shaymoli, MIrpur Road, Dhaka-1207
OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us?
GET IN TOUCHDynamic Pyrolysis Social links
Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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