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Greenhouse Effect In Bangladesh- Dynamic Thinking - Dynamic Pyrolysis

April 28, 2020by Dynamic Pyrolysis0

green house effect in bangladesh

Global warming turning out in a dangerous pattern for mankind that resulting in a great challenge to fixed up this issue for a better living near future. This is such a problem that involved mostly greenhouse gas emissions by the developed countries. Being a developing country, the greenhouse effect in Bangladesh also is now the most predictive factor to consider.

On the off chance that Bangladesh, where nearly half of the total population living in the under poverty, maybe going to be the worst sufferer of this climate disaster. Due to the global warming climate to alteration which also consists of the increase of the sea-level, thus, with low hillock geography, Bangladesh staying in the most dangerous position.

But the horrible thing is, this is not like an issue that just makes a report, make some investigation on it and offer the solution- no, not really. Instead, unless we get some sustainable and appropriate protection, it couldn’t be solved. In addition to that, it might take a long period to fix completely.

Greenhouse Effect In Bangladesh

To start with, let’s see what is the reason behind global warming. At a glance, emissions of greenhouse gases, methane, carbon dioxide, fluorinated, nitroxide, for instance, mainly causing global warming by trapping the heat in the air.

The greenhouse consequence is an upsurge in the normal temperature of the earth due to it absorbed the infrared heat that naturally would radiate into the galaxy. This is due to accelerate the natural process by the human with pervert activity that creating more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Yet, Bangladesh is contributing to the lowest part of the total quantity of gas productions that cause global heating, however, it is now one of the most vulnerable positions of global warming effects. All the climate changes in various aspects leading by global warming are connected.

  • Recurrent Floods & Storms

This is such a bad effect of greenhouse gases in Bangladesh, that comes first in mind. All the experts in this field are agreed that global warming heating the air enormously that causes unstable weather. Especially in the Bay of Bengal region, it leads to very extreme weather, which causes strong, even, the stronger cyclone in very frequently.

In addition to that, the rising sea-level raises the risk of flood due to Bangladesh has many rivers that directly with anyhow connected to the Bay of Bengal. Moreover, according to the government data, only two-third of total areas are just five meters above the sea-level. Therefore, the geographical position, river water that comes from the source of the Himalayan icehouse makes Bangladesh more fragile in connection to this issue.

  • Increase Of Temperature

Due to the rapid industrialization greenhouse gases rises expressively by the last century, which is to date being continued. Be that as it may, now global heating is a pictured issue, not any hypothetical cases that don’t see. We easily feel around it.

In Dhaka city- the capital of Bangladesh, it has been experienced the typical temperature increases by 2 degrees (celsius) over versus the last 100 years. Accordingly, in the total of Bangladesh, there are 0.6 degrees (celsius) rising temperature recorded at the same time. As a result, Bangladesh facing and in the future going to face the face a worth situation caused by greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Eagre Of Low-Lying Land

A global study demonstrated that due to the greenhouse gases which cause global warming, the Bay of Bengal rising by 1.5 mm in a single year. Therefore, being the most adjacent country of the Bay of Bengal Bangladesh also will be affected directly. Especially, the southern part of Bangladesh which is the closest region of the Bay of Bengal will be worst affected due to its low-land.

If the sea level increases by 45 cm then Bangladesh will loose forever approximately 15600 squire kilometers by the unexpected flood. Subsequently, if the sea level rises only one meter, the result will be horrible, about 14000 – 30000 square kilometers areas will be badly flooded.

  • Health Issues

Global heating has a direct negative effect on human health. Bangladesh, being a highly dense population is the more vulnerable situation in this regard. Some notorious diseases that mainly cause by the mosquito- will be increases due to overheating temperature. Also, another mosquito-borne disease, malaria, dengue fever, for instance, would be the other consequence of warm weather.

Besides this, due to the reduction of food productions, there might rise malnutrition and its related diseases. Global climate changes may also help to increases other diseases, respiratory tract problems, cardiovascular issues, mental problems, for instance. Eventually, cholera, diarrhea, etc.  which are directly related to the warming with flood may increase abruptly.

  • Agri-Fisheries Effect

Bangladesh such a country where most people live on agriculture and its related works. As a riverain nation, there are many rivers and a vast part of the population-based on fisheries. Therefore, the rising of the sea-level which is the ultimate result of global heating will make all the rivers overflow than usual. Truth to be told that greenhouse gas emissions have a direct effect on this part of Bangladesh.

Irrigation and relatively crop productions will be affected badly. Resulting there might occur the food crisis. Consequently, many people in Bangladesh hand to mouth by the fishing, especially the coastal areas people are used to live on it from the livelihood. But, after increasing the temperature, the solubility of oxygen in water is drastically decreasing day by day, which causes a problem for fisheries. Additionally, in the dry season river flowing reduced significantly which caused great issues both for agriculture and fishing.

Keeping in mind about the Greenhouse Effect In Bangladesh, Dynamic Pyrolysis take initiative to take part in how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, they established their pyrolysis plant that completely based on the recycled waste products that ensure the less use of the furnace oil which produce by the fossil.

To know more about Dynamic Pyrolysis & It’s Positive Effect On Ecology, please visit our website.

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Dynamic Pyrolysis

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Dynamic Pyrolysis Ind.(pvt.) Ltd.Head Office
Rupayan Shelford Tower, Level -11, Suite F -10, Block-B, 23/6, Shaymoli, MIrpur Road, Dhaka-1207
OUR LOCATIONSWhere to find us?
GET IN TOUCHDynamic Pyrolysis Social links
Taking seamless key performance indicators offline to maximise the long tail.

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